Affordable Carpet Cleaning Croydon

Carpet Cleaning Agency is a cleaning, maintenance and stain removal company with an enviable experience and knowledge accumulated for the many years we work in Croydon area for both commercial and domestic clients. Trying to stick to the highest standards in our branch and also filled with inspiration and innovative ideas how to improve get more sensitive and be better professionals, we are proud to be recognised as one of the most reliable, trustworthy and creative cleaning companies on the market.

Being the best professionals in the area doesn’t happen overnight, for sure. Struggling your way to the top of a branch with a great variety of thousands of choices and opportunities takes a lot more than good training and skills. It takes commitment, dedication and passion. It takes talents and potential. It takes constant curiosity and desires to improve and get better. It also takes a lot of creativity and inspiration to shine on, stand out the crowd, to be different and highly effective and reliable at once. It also takes a great and loyal clientele and we are happy to have exactly this kind of clientele, so thank to all of you sticking with us for the years and also thank all the new clients that put trust in us!

If you are new to Carpet Cleaning Agency, why to choose us?

Each and every one of the services we offer is highly beneficial and suitable for any situation and any case possible in Croydon. We offer and deliver the best cleaning and maintenance solution!

  • We are completely trained and insured, so we are able to offer the best of the best!
  • We work with the highest quality equipment, materials and products. We count on technical excellence and we use products that don’t contain toxic and dangerous ingredients and are completely healthy and safe for any household and also for busy business areas.
  • We ensure complete 100% satisfaction to any situation you may need our help and professional advice. Thank our experience and knowledge we are able to ensure the proper approach and solution.
  • Convenient booking time-slots, flexible and comfortable schedule with respect to your own schedule, timely manner of work and competitive pricing are only a few of the advantages of working with our company.

In order to achieve maximum results at carpet, upholstery, rug, mattress, curtain cleaning and stain removal we use an improved version of the hot water extraction method – a cleaning system that ensures 100% cleanliness, 100% success in removing bacteria and allergens and 100% addition protection and preservation of colours, textures and patterns added. Don’t miss out on our services! We are the best solution to any cleaning, maintenance and stain removal situation in Croydon. Give us a try and you will be impressed with how well we understand your needs and how well we meet your expectations and even above and beyond your expectations! Contact us today, simply call on 020 7036 0626, or leave us a message on and let’s discuss your plan and idea!