Hot water extraction and steam cleaning are both amongst the most popular, professional, deep carpet cleaning services that ensure the final outcome that cannot be achieved otherwise and with manual carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning. Well, the truth is that there are a lot of fans and followers of carpet steam cleaning and there are a lot of fans and followers of the hot extraction method and both of the groups can explain you in details all the benefits and advantages of both methods. And that is what we are going to do today exactly – explain to you both methods in details, so you can find the best solution for your situation. Hot water extraction and steam cleaning for your carpet are two entirely different methods. Each method uses a different temperature of the water and most commonly different solvents and solutions.

The main difference between the two processes is the temperature of water used. As you may guess by the name, steam cleaning is the process that uses steam, or otherwise said, the method uses hot water with such a high temperature that it is practically turning into gas. In this line of thoughts, the steam method would be effective only for slightly dirty and stained carpets, since the steam doesn’t have the power and ability to exactly rinse and remove deeply built up dirt and grime.

Hot water extraction, as the name suggests, requires the usage of hot water. But don’t worry, water is really not that hot to destroy the fabrics and fibres. What about the usage and when and why each of both methods is recommended? Overall, natural fibres are recommended to be cleaned with the hot water extraction method on a lower temperature, because this method is not that aggressive for fabrics and textures made out of natural materials and also in order shrinkage to be prevented. Hot water extraction is also recommended for stain removal.

How the process is actually working? With hot water extraction, the cleaning solution is applied (or injected) first, so the soil and dirt can be loosened before the actual treatment. Then hot water is sprayed immediately onto the fibres and immediately extracted. Since all the dirt and soapy residue is immediately rinsed, your carpet is left extra clean and fresh and it needs less time for drying.

As you may already come to conclusion, the steam cleaning method is considered not that effective, but it is actually less through and is ideal for regular maintenance. In fact, it is also a lot easier to do at home and by yourself, since hot water extraction is better to be left to the professionals. Both of the methods are good enough for your carpet and come with benefits only. It is hard to say which of them both will fit better your situation and which of them both will answer your requirements better. Maybe you can try them both and decide for yourself?