There are a few things that are better than the feel of freshly cleaned blinds and the way they allow morning light to enter your bedroom – you know that you will have a great day ahead. However, cleaning and maintaining your blinds in perfect condition is not only for a pleasant feeling. It is important for getting rid and not allowing to build up all the nasty dirt, dust and allergens especially. Exactly the way you understand the importance of carpet and mattress cleaning and the benefits for your health of a tidy and well-maintained bedroom, you have to take care of curtain cleaning and blinds maintenance too.

Cleaning the blinds requires a few materials only and it is not a time-consuming process at all if you make sure to follow our helpful advice and ideas. Even if this wasn’t the case, we guarantee that it is all worth it and you will notice that by the fewer dust particles floating in the air and your allergies being calmed down lately. Here is the secret!

For a simple clean, regular dusting will significantly reduce the amount of dirt built up, so simply put a soft cloth over your hand, dip it into a bowl of vinegar and swipe your hand across the top and bottom of each slat. This method is appropriate for fabric blinds as well as for blinds made out of wood, vinyl, faux wood, bamboo, etc.

Every once in a while the above-mentioned method is not enough, this is when a deeper and more thorough cleaning is required. First of all, different material blinds often will require a different approach, so be sure to have a look at the manufacturer’s guide and take into account the things you can do and the products you are not allowed to use. Usually wooden and fabric types of blinds need to be approached and treated more delicately and carefully.

When it comes to removing the blinds from the hinges, we know that this is definitely not your favourite part, but not even dare to worry, because this is not a part of the routine blinds cleaning and will be required to be done not more than once a year, even less.

In general, fabric blinds are very easy to clean. Even in the most serious situations, a dry cleaner will be enough to put them back into perfect appearance. Start cleaning them by gently vacuuming them, then spot clean with a soft cloth and a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Blot gently, then let dry. If there are some particularly suborn stains, let your favourite stain fighter soak into the stain for a few minutes and they blot the residue gently away.

Venetian blinds, on the other hand, are broader and tend to collect more dust and dirt. However, they are often made out of faux wood and cleaning them is very easy, you just need to wipe and swipe them with a soft cloth and a mixture of a bit of water and mild detergent. Cleaning your blinds is a great project for a rainy day. So before the sunny days have started, make sure to pay the needed attention to your favourite blinds.