Let the good times roll, let the spring cleaning begin! Aren’t you extra inspired by the amazing weather outside, don't you feel more productive because of the sun shining and the longer days? Not? Well, doesn’t matter if you are enthusiastic about spring cleaning or not, things should be done. It is not only about the good appearance and the comfort and cosiness, but it is also because of the fact that a clean home is a healthy and safe home. So wave for goodbye to all the dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, debris and mould and clear your schedule for the weekend… it is time for spring cleaning!

Please, don’t think you are ready for cleaning your house only after half a day of vacuuming and dusting around. The good news is that half of the work is done. The bad news is that half of the work is done too! What is next? Why not a bit of carpet, upholstery cleaning and curtain and rug cleaning?

Carpet cleaning

Hiring professional carpet cleaners at least once a year will give you the opportunity to enjoy a carpet that looks like a brand new. The specialists have the knowledge, skills and tools to clean your carpet in-depth and get rid of all bacteria build-ups, allergens and dirt that are trapped deep in the fibres of the carpet. We highly recommend you to look for a company that uses the system of water extraction, because this is not only very effective but also reduces the drying time significantly and leaves no sticky or soapy residue. However, professional carpet maintenance service is not always the solution to die for a number of reasons. In this case, it is your own responsibility to take proper care, if you want to enjoy your carpet looking and feeling great for a long time. Start with the basics, vacuum daily to prevent dirt and debris from building up and penetrating deep into the fibres. On occasion give your carpet a quick wash, you can use a vacuum cleaner with washing system. Always let it dry entirely before using it, otherwise, the mould may grow. Always be sure to remove stains immediately as recommended, depending on the type of stain.

Upholstery cleaning

Many things can ruin the look and condition of your upholstered pieces. Spills, nail polish drops, beverage and food stains, scratches and all that jazz, your upholstered furniture pieces are among the most vulnerable at home. When it comes to stain removal and more in-depth cleaning, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations depending on the type of material this furniture piece is made out of. Never spray or pour cleaning solution directly onto. Be sure to vacuum all the corners and hard to reach areas on a weekly basis, so you can prevent dust trapping in there.

Rug cleaning

Although there are professional rug cleaning services offered, you can give your rugs a good wash every now and then. Depending on the type of rug you can wash it by yourself. If its size is not that big and especially when it comes to runners and smaller mats, you can use a soft bristled brush to gently scrub away the dirt with the help of soapy water. Next thing – rinse good with warm water and let dry at a sunny spot outside the house, for example hanging somewhere in your garden.